Heat and power from biomass

At CREANERGY, we have more than 23 years of experience in biomass-to-energy projects. Typical biomass waste with which we have experience includes:
- wood chips
- wood waste
- sawdust
- sawmill waste
- board plant production waste
- bark
- demolition timber
- rice husk
- sunflower hulls
- palm fruit waste such as empty fruit bunches
- wheat bran waste

The incineration concepts with which we have first-hand experience for biomass are:
- water-cooled and air-cooled reciprocating stepgrates
- partially water-cooled static grates
- atmospheric bubbling fluidised beds

Heat is recuperated in steam boilers or thermal oil boilers, often combined with a steam turbine. Our dedicated incineration and heat exchange simulation software and our boiler expertise allow us to optimise a solution for your specific requirements.

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