Concept design

Concept design and engineering for installations that produce heat and power - combined heat and power CHP - from biomass, biogas, gas and waste.

At CREANERGY, we are able to model the energy requirements for your project, not only focusing at the specific details of your project but also taking into account the broader energy picture: inclusive main process requirements, thermal deaerators, turbines, district heating and so on.

Based on the specific requirements of the selected biomass, biogas and/or waste streams, we recommend a specific concept and are able to:
- size the geometric details of the heat exchanging surfaces of equipment such as water-tube boilers and so on
- define the main components in the plant

We can further:
- launch and follow up a CFD modelling of the incineration (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
- write price requests
- evaluate bidders’ offers
- make reference visits to evaluate the eligibility of the bidder
- advise on selection
- conduct commercial negotiations
- write order forms
- follow up to ensure timely and qualitative execution of the orders placed
- incorporate this information in further detailed engineering of the project

Our dedicated boiler simulation software and boiler expertise are our defining asset.

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