High resolution thermography - buildings

For the high resolution thermography hardware, we have selected FLIR as a partner, and we work with the T-series infrared cameras which have the highest resolution available on the market today. Our highly performant cameras allow detailed and efficient analysis at our clients' sites.

Our thermography engineers are experienced thermal engineers, that are continuously trained and updated on the latest insights in high resolution thermography.

High resolution thermography for real-estate: office buildings, high-rise projects, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, private real-estate:

We offer:

  • general energy scan of the existing building to scan for apparent energy losses

  • verification of effectiveness of thermal insulation, cold bridges, heat leakages, cold air inflows, ...

  • detailed energy scan of energy generating and distribution systems, hot water piping, ventilation piping, air conditioning ducts, ...

We offer not only the thermography intervention and report but -upon request- also the related thermal engineering and follow up until the optimal energy efficiency is reached.

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