Heat and power from biogas

At CREANERGY, we have extensive experience in the production of heat and power from biogas. Biogas may typically originate from:
- anaerobic digestion
- anaerobic water treatment
- other sources
The biogas can also be mixed with natural gas depending upon the power requirements of the client.

The incineration can take place either in a:
- biogas turbine
- biogas engine
We have first-hand experience with both solutions.

The engine or turbine exhaust flue gases are further cooled in appropriate heat exchangers with:
- hot water
- steam
- organic fluid

We integrate all waste heat sources such as:
- flue gas exhaust
- engine jacket cooling
- engine gas intercoolers
- lubricant cooling
This is done in such a way that they can contribute usefully to the overall process of biogas production and the client's main production process.

In this way we create a fundamentally sustainable energy solution, which effectively reduces the client's fossil fuel consumption.

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